Celebrating 173 Years of Phi Kappa Sigma

This year, Phi Kappa Sigma celebrates 173 years since its founding on August 16, 1850, at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Fascinated by the prospect of fraternal relations with his fellowman, Mitchell set out to found a new, secret order in the restricted life of the university at that time. His papers indicate that on August 16, 1850, he had determined to install a new order on the campus in the fall of 1850.

Between August 16 and October 19, 1850, Mitchell sought six other men to constitute the Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma. The formal organization of Alpha Chapter occurred at the home of James Bayard Hodge on October 19, 1850.

While the official founding date of the Fraternity is August 16, 1850, Phi Kappa Sigma began celebrating “Founder’s Day” on October 19 as a commemoration of the establishment of Alpha Chapter.

In those 173 years, brothers have been initiated into the fraternity across over 32 active chapters worldwide. Psi chapter is proud to be a part of this broad, enduring brotherhood, and we look forward to a bright future for our fellow Phi Kaps. 

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