Apply for a Foundation Scholarship

The Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation makes two types of scholarships available, and members may apply for either or both types:

  • Need-Based Scholarships are awarded based on an applicant’s financial need and scholastic achievement.
  • Participation-Based Scholarships are awarded based on an applicant’s chapter, campus, and community involvement and scholastic achievement.



  • Active member of Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity.
    • Phi Kappa Sigma Initiation fee must have been paid and received at Fraternity Headquarters.
    • Applicants may still be eligible when transferring to another acceptable institution where there is no Phi Kappa Sigma chapter.
    • Full-time student
    • Academic status of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior. Graduate students are not eligible.
    • Working towards first bachelor degree.
    • Previous award winners are eligible if qualified, as long as their undergraduate status remains, including five-year degree programs.
    • There are no restrictions based on major, academic discipline or course of study.


How to apply

Applications must be complete in every detail and those that provide thoroughness, good presentation, and include all required and recommended documentation tend to be evaluated more favorably.

All information is due by April 15th! Any items that must be mailed, including transcripts, must be postmarked by April 15th.

  • Applicants must be completed online through this Scholarship Application.
  • Only web-based application forms will be considered.
  • Previous application forms are not permitted
  • Application information must be complete, legible and clear.
  • Applicant’s resume is required for upload.
  • Basic financial information is required for need-based scholarship applications, but not for participation-based applications. An electronic copy of the most recent tax return for the applicant and the applicant’s parents is required for upload.
  • Registrar’s office must forward (directly) an official transcript of grades. (Allow at least two weeks for processing.)
  • A completed and signed Chapter Advisor check-off form indicating approval is required for upload.
  • Letters describing additional details are also encouraged, but not required.


How Awards are Selected

The number and amount of scholarship awards presented each year are determined by the Board of Trustees of the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation. This past year scholarships totaling $60,000, with awards ranging up to $5,000 each, were authorized.

Award decisions are based largely on a composite of rankings made independently by members of the Foundation’s Scholarship Awards Committee. After rankings have been consolidated, the Scholarship Awards Chairman submits the committee’s recommendations to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. After approval, the Foundation President notifies scholarship award winners of their selection, usually in late June.