Friends that have Lasted Lifetimes, All Thanks to Phi Kappa Sigma

When we talk about Phi Kappa Sigma, some of the first things that may come to mind are the connections that were made through your years as an undergrad. We recently reached out to our alumni brothers asking what those connections have meant to them over the years, read on to see what Sam Curry ‘62 had to say. 

My 2 lifetime friends were both Phi Kap brothers. Jim Craft ‘63, was my little brother and we maintained friendship throughout his life. I tried to have him in our wedding, but unfortunately we lost track of each other for a period of time. We spent many subsequent years vacationing in Nags Head and visiting and wine tasting in California. We had a joint property in Duck and were ready to build a vacation home but the recession in the early 80’s lead us to sell before building. Our kids were in college (not PSU) at the same time and we attended many weddings of our families. We even retired within a couple hours of each other and maintained contact and frequent visits. Bob Burns, ‘63 was the other close friend whose friendship stretched through the years. We both were on the Phi Kap Alumni Corporation board and served as both President and Vice President for several terms. We tailgated together for many years at homecoming, reunions, and attended several other Nittany Lion games. Alumni Vacation College with our kids was a real hoot. Nags Head was also a meeting place with many stories told and created. All this was preceded by amazing, crazy, and memorable years in the Skull House which we continued re-enacting though out life. (We never grow up). Unfortunately, both brothers passed on way too soon, but left many lasting stories we continue to share with their spouses, Judy and Ann. Far too many stories for this page. Memories are forever.


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