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With 2020 behind us and a fresh new start on the horizon, we want to give Phi Kappa Sigma a running jump into the new school year, and we can do that with your help! Click “Read More” and learn how you can help. 

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 The Perfect Phi Kappa Sigma Weekend 

After a year of self-isolation, many alumni brothers are excited to plan trips back to Penn State to reconnect with old friends and relive the glory days this fall. What has you excited about the return to campus (and to normalcy)?  With school just starting, we laid out some tips and tricks for planning the ultimate alumni weekend in State College.   

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Back to School with Phi Kappa Sigma

With school just starting, it got us thinking… What are some places in State College you can’t wait to get back to? Take our poll below and see what your brothers had to say! 




Your favorite spot didn’t make the list? Tell us what it is HERE.