Phi Kappa Sigma is thankful for you

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Whether it be through donations or time spent volunteering, we are thankful for your support in more ways than one. Phi Kap is a brotherhood; by definition, “an association or community of people linked by a common interest.” As Phi Kappa Sigma brothers, we share a passion for the brotherhood that contributed to our personal development, our relationships, and our lives as students and far beyond to our roles as husbands, fathers, professionals, volunteers, neighbors, and friends.


We can’t overestimate the true meaning of adding your name to the ranks of our alumni donors. Your gift to our annual fund is both a tribute to your own experience and a way to pay it forward to ongoing generations of brothers who will eventually join our alumni ranks and share in our responsibility to keep Phi Kappa Sigma strong.


If you feel compelled to give back to Phi Kappa Sigma this giving season, CLICK HERE.