Donor Spotlight: Sophie Kandler '89

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We want to take this time to say THANK YOU to Sophie Kandler '89 for her continued support of Psi Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma over the years. We recently caught up with Sophie and asked her about where life has taken her, Phi Kappa Sigma memories, and what Psi Chapter means to her today. Here’s what she had to say.  

Why have you remained so dedicated to Phi Kappa Sigma? 

I swore an oath to Phi Kappa Sigma in May 1985.  I keep my word, no matter what.  That oath still holds, as we are Skulls for life.  I thought that back then, and I still think that now.  Despite the many changes in my life since graduation, that has been a constant.  

How has being in Phi Kappa Sigma changed your life? 

Skull taught me a lot about many kinds of people that I'd never have encountered otherwise.  I learned a lot about my limitations and strengths, and how to stand up to adversity- even prosper.  It's funny- I see how time changes some of my brothers, and how many of them grew into amazing people.  Skull changes everyone in some way, thankfully it's usually for the positive.


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