Fun Facts About Phi Kappa Sigma

Every fraternity thinks they have the best; the best Intramural sports team, the best-looking group of guys, the best leaders, and now, as alumni, the best stories to share. What are some fun facts you remember about Phi Kappa Sigma? 

Take a look at some history facts below: 

Psi Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was established in 1890.  

Phi Kappa Sigma was founded by Samuel Brown Wylie Mitchell.  

The Phi Kappa Sigma flower is the Yellow Chrysanthemum.

The Phi Kappa Sigma motto is, “Equal to the Stars in Endurance”.  

The most famous alumni from Phi Kappa Sigma are:

  • James G. Roche, 20th Secretary of the Air Force
  • Stanford Moore, Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist
  • George David Low, NASA astronaut; Orbital Sciences Corporation executive
  • Jorge Andres, Award-Winning sports anchor; Former Sportscenter anchor


Can you remember your fraternity history? How about some unknown secrets that bring back memories of the good ‘ole days? We want to know about them! CLICK HERE and tell us your fun facts! 

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